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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Images from Jimmy in Saigon, Journey of a Thousand Miles, Finding Your Laughter, and Adam’s Apple (top left clockwise) - FOUR JOURNEYS Innovative Virtual Showcase, August 3- September 30, 2021

July 27, 2021

Press Release

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, at 5pm pacific time, Exclusive scenes from four independent documentary films + a live Q&A with the directors will be streamed worldwide online to raise awareness and funds for these deserving projects. A recording will be available for the following week that ends midnight pacific time on September 30, 2021.

A filmmaker seeks to underst his brother’s short life and death

A daughter uses laughter to ease the pain of her father’s decline

A mother explores and supports her young son’s evolving identity

A widow seeks to honor her late husband and deepen her relationship with her son

Director Zhu Shen 沈竹 of Journey of A Thousand Miles will join forces with four other independent filmmakers to showcase scenes from their three up and coming documentaries that artfully explore the joys and sorrows of family relationships on the Show & Tell virtual event platform. This is an event Zhu and her fellow lead organizer, director Peter McDowell (Jimmy in Saigon) have planned months in advance.

Click HERE to watch the trailer and buy tickets ($15 each). Donations will also be accepted during the weeklong online screening. All funds will be split evenly between the four projects, helping to fund post production activities like editing, sound mixing, color correction, music, licensing, marketing, legal, and distribution costs.

The evening will feature 5-8 minute long scenes from each film along with a brief introduction from the filmmakers. The evening will end with a live Q&A. The event will only be accessible for one week after the premiere, including access to the recorded Q&A. The virtual showcase premiere starts on August 3, 2021 at 5pm pacific time, and ends on September 30, 2021, midnight pacific time.

Writer, Director & Producer Zhu Shen (R) with her son & Co-Producer Perry S. Chen's 2019 Oscar-qualified animated documentary short CHANGYOU'S JOURNEY - the backdrop of her directorial documentary feature debut JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES that appears in the FOUR JOURNEYS virtual showcase. (photo credit: Kurt Braun)

“I am delighted to partner with filmmakers from three other wonderfully touching personal documentary films,” said Shen, whose JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES documentary work-in-progress is endorsed by Janet Yang, the legendary The Joy Luck Club Executive Producer and Governor of The Academy of Motion Pictures called Shen's film "an ode to the bond between mother and son, told with radical vulnerability and honesty."

Commenting on the FOUR JOURNEYS virtual showcase, Shen remarked, “This is the very first time that a sample of my documentary directorial debut is screened in public! We have worked so hard for so long on our individual films, and admire each other’s work from a distance. It is exciting to be able to finally share our labor of love and get LIVE feedback from our virtual audiences worldwide! I am thrilled to try the premiere virtual event platform Show&Tell for the first time, designed by its founder Keith Ochwat, a fellow documentarian and pioneer in documentary distribution. I cannot wait to harvest the fruits of our labor, applying what I have learned from Keith’s gem-packed online courses, webinars, and group consultation on the art and science of indie film distribution in the new paradigm.”

The four films in progress are:

Adam’s Apple, directed by Amy Jenkins, an unconventional coming-of-age documentary from the perspectives of director Amy Jenkins and her teenage transgender son, Adam. Collaboratively they will trace the transition of Adam from pre- pubescent Audrey to evolving-young-man Adam in an exploration of what characterizes “maleness” for today’s gender-redefining youth.

Finding Your Laughter directed by Arlieta Hall & Brittany Alsot - putting Arlieta’s own life—and her dreams of stardom—on hold, comedian Arlieta Hall turns to improv as a tool to communicate with and care for her father Milton, who is slowly losing himself to Alzheimer’s.

Jimmy in Saigon, a feature documentary from LA based filmmaker Peter McDowell and executive producer Dan Savage. The film explores the mysterious life and death of Jimmy, a 24 year old Vietnam veteran who died as a civilian in Saigon. Peter uncovers family secrets surrounding Jim’s drug use and sexuality, getting to know his brother who died when Peter was only five.

Journey of A Thousand Miles directed by Zhu Shen - when Zhu’s husband Changyou dies of cancer, she throws herself into a six-year odyssey to produce their 12-year-old son Perry’s animated film, unleashing a mother-son tug of war. Zhu must learn to look inward to reconnect with her son, reclaim her own buried artistic prowess, and transform from “Tiger Mom” to “Zen Mom.”

As independent filmmakers and content producers, we are compelled to tell our stories out of pure passion for the characters and larger issues we care about. We want our films to be seen by audiences worldwide who connect with our stories personally and emotionally, and who can benefit from relating their own experiences. Please join us on these unique journeys of self discovery and adventures in all dimensions!

Register HERE

For media or business inquiries about the innovative FOUR JOURNEYS and JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES work-in-progress virtual showcase world premiere, contact Director Zhu Shen on her social media by DM (Direct Message) and email below:




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