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Bamboo Shoots Productions Crew

Directors & Producers

Zhu Shen_edited.jpg

Writer, Cinematographer, Director & Producer

Perry Chen_edited.jpg

Co-writer, Co-producer, Editor & Contributing Cinematographer

Zhu Shen 沈竹 is a multiple award-winning film producer, best known for two Oscar-qualified, critically acclaimed animation shorts she produced: Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest (2011) about a young Holocaust survivor, and Changyou’s Journey about her late husband’s life, written and directed by her son Perry Chen in 2018.

Perry S. Chen 陈彬睿 is an award-winning writer, former child film and entertainment critic, film director/producer, artist, and TEDx speaker, best known for writing and directing his animated documentary short debut, CHANGYOU’S JOURNEY, in honor of his late father, becoming the youngest Oscar-qualified director while in high school.

Production Team

Amy Fan_edited.jpg

Lead Editor, Contributing Cinematographer

David Hutchinson_edited.jpg

Contributing Cinematographer

Amy Fan 范一明 is a videographer and filmmaker based in San Diego. She has been the sole editor of official festival trailers for the San Diego Asian Film Festival events since 2013, and has served as the main videographer for the Union of Pan-Asian Communities since 2016. Ongoing projects include video production for a feature-length documentary, and directing and producing a short documentary project that became a finalist for the KPBS Explore program in 2019-2020.

David Hutchinson is a documentary filmmaker from San Diego, CA. His work has been shortlisted for a student BAFTA and has appeared at film festivals including DC Shorts, Sheffield Doc/Fest, and St. Louis International Film Festival. When he’s not making films, David enjoys hiking, dancing, and used book sales.

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Colin Bae_edited.jpg

Editor, Contributing Cinematographer


Editor, Contributing Cinematographer, Web Designer, & Associate Producer

Colin Bae is a creator with a foot in various artistic worlds, including film production, music production, fiction writing, and more recently, movie criticism.  His short films in particular have received numerous awards, and he is in the process of completing two feature films.  He is a sophomore majoring in film production at Emerson College, and a second-generation Korean American.

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Seth Dacio is a Filipino-American Student Filmmaker with several years of experience in the industry and experience as an FAA Certified Remote Pilot. Seth has been working with upcoming directors, cinematographers, editors, and producers from schools such as UCLA, LMU, and Chapman University. He is a rising senior at Biola University studying Film Production.

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Trailer Editor

Ben Taft action shot.jpeg

Associate Producer, Editor

Mike Gu is a full-time software engineer and a part time creator interested in documentary filmmaking. A second-generation Chinese-American, he graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Molecular Engineering and is looking to return to his artistic roots. He has several years experience with digital art and music composition.

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Benjamin Taft majors in film productions at San Diego State University, after transferring from Grossmont College. He is a content producer at a San Diego based commercial agency with experience in animation, cinematography, writing, editing, directing, and film production.

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Distribution Team

Shirley He.png

Associate Producer

Xiaoya Liang.jpeg

Associate Producer

Shirley He 何雨萌 is a Visual Ethnographer and a Documentary Director, Producer, and Editor based in L.A. Shirley grew up in Beijing, China, and studied Visual Anthropology at University of Southern California.

Xiaoya Liang 梁筱雅 is a media artist and young mother in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up in Taizhou, an emerging city in Southeastern China, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism at East China Normal...

Jazzy Anne_edited.jpg


Daphne Han.jpg


Jazzy Anne is a Filipina-American sophomore attending the University of Texas at Austin as a Radio-Television-Film major, along with a minor in Digital Arts & Media. She’s also a passionate YouTube creator over 1.6 million subscribers,

Daphne Han 韩晨迎 is a freshman majoring in Computer Science and Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University, exploring the ethics of technology and the role it plays in today's politics, economics, and society.


Screen Shot.png

Greg Durbin MFA     


Tom Northrup headshot.jpeg

Tom Northrup J.D., Ph.D.


Greg Durbin is a filmmaker and Professor in the Television, Film,
and New Media Production Program at San Diego State University where he served as Head of the Film Program from 2015 to 2020. His experience spans independent film and video production, video art, documentary, and short subject films. He has worked professionally as a director, writer, cinematographer, editor, and storyboard artist.

Dr. Tom Northrup was General Counsel of The Scripps Research Institute, one of the world’s most influential biotechnology research institutes.  During his 17 year tenure there, he wrote and prosecuted numerous patent applications, wrote and negotiated hundreds of license agreements, and represented the institute in business dealings having a cumulative value of about one billion...

Jim Price headshot.jpeg

Jim Price MBA


Jim Price currently serves as the Executive Director of Amity Institute whose mission is to build international friendship and cultural understanding through teaching exchange. Jim has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit community in San Diego.  He has been a Major Gifts Officer with the American Red Cross and the Executive Director of the Child’s Primary School...

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